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Consider them both, the sea and the land; and do you not find a strange analogy to something in yourself?

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My story

“Hello, my name is Tatiana Cornilova and I’m your scuba diving instructor” this is how I started my classes once I became a diving professional. Sounds like a boss, haha.

But hey, aren’t we here for fun? You may simply call me Tanya and let’s get to know each other.
I’m a millennial from tip to toe, born in… (you’ll never guess) Moldova. Yep, you read it right, I’m from the country which doesn’t have access to the sea!!

So what? Little me was mad about the Disney‘s The Little Mermaid cartoon, I was drawing those tails like crazy. As a teenager I was addicted by Cousteau‘s Odyssey on National Geographic. And then, in 2010 I relocated to the sunny country, where summer is all year long and the sea is right on the doorstep. I’m in the United Arab Emirates!

I started to dive in 2016. I’ll be honest with you, it was not easy for me. I was scared and didn’t feel comfy for quite a while. Thanks to my gurus, my instructors Kholousi Khayal and Hassan Khayal, thanks to their patience and their spirit I dived more and more, always improving my skills and overcoming stress, trained my stamina, and learned new knowledge.
Now I’m enjoying diving and enjoying teaching. You can’t imagine how many insights and beautiful memories and friends the ocean gave me! I simply want to share my love and appreciation of the ocean with you!


Your personal diving instructor in the UAE

I’m a scuba diving instructor certified by the world’s leading scuba diver training organization – PADI. My instructor number is 432677. I’m teaching by the system which provides the progressive training, introduces important and relevant skills, and gives opportunity to enjoy diving. Diving is fun, huh?

During my courses I cover my students with the special diving insurance provided by DAN – an international non-profit medical and research organization dedicated to the safety and health of divers. You’re safe!

If you’re looking for dive equipment, I would be happy to assist you with the choice and provide a discount for the worldwide iconic brand ScubaPro.

I want to make your diving experience pleasant and exciting. We’re discussing all the suggestions, concerns, and questions in advance and planning your experience in the most comfortable way. As your personal instructor and guide, I’ll provide you with my recommendations and everything required for our dives. My approach to each diver is based on my own experience and expertise.
You don’t have to worry about the equipment, dive sites, boats, and even transportation if needed. I’ll take care of it.

*Every diving student starting from Open Water Diver course gets a cool rash guard from recycled materials, created in collaboration with Fish People brand.

Just bring your smile and the joy to see the ocean!! Let’s go?

I’m partnering with:


PADI is the world’s leading scuba diver training organization.
With more than 6,600 PADI Dive Centers and Resorts, and 128,000 individual PADI Professionals who have issued more than 28 million certifications
around the world, you’ll find PADI diver courses and scuba diving services nearly everywhere.
The PADI System of diver education is based on progressive training that introduces skills, safety-related information and local environmental knowledge to student divers in stages. PADI courses are student-centered and provide maximum practice and realistic application.



DAN Europe (Divers Alert Network Europe) is an international non-profit medical and research organization dedicated to the safety and health of divers.
Founded in 1983, DAN Europe exists to provide expert information and advice for the benefit of its members and the diving public. DAN Europe:
provides emergency medical advice and assistance for underwater diving injuries and works to prevent injuries and to promote diving safety promotes and supports underwater diving research and education strives to provide the most accurate, up-todate and unbiased information on issues of common concern to the diving public



Founded in 1963 by Gustav Dalla Valle and Dick Bonin, SCUBAPRO remains the industry's gold standard for innovation, performance, reliability and durability. The company's products blend advanced technologies with intuitive, sophisticated designs, allowing divers to focus on their dive experience, not their gear. For the hobbyist to the professional, SCUBAPRO's portfolio features industry-leading regulators, dive computers, BCDs and thermal protection, along with a full line of masks, fins, snorkels, gear bags, scuba accessories and divewear.



FishPeople is a natural symbiosis of two passions - ocean and design for two girls from the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Evelina was a designer for Adidas sailing for many years before decided to make the full immersion into her true passion and using knowledge and experience to create sustainable ocean apparel suitable for every ocean human.

When she’s not in the office, she’s by the water - catching the wind, waves and inspiration.

Kamila is a scuba diving instructor. She has started her path back in 2000 in the Baltic sea and then moved to the turquoise blue warm waters of Indian ocean, to the Maldives.

Being frequent traveller to the most remote parts of the world for diving, she always cared to have a stylish, super functional and sustainable wardrobe - so it takes just a small bit in the scuba equipment bag and is enough for each situation - on the boat, on the shore, in the plane.


Hassan Khayal

PADI Course Director & AmbassaDiver

(Languages: English/Arabic)

A lover of everything water based. A very active and enthusiastic instructor, he cannot help but spread around his excitement at being around, above, under, or anywhere near the water. His favorite courses to teach are the Open Water Diver course, the Divemaster course, and the Instructor Development Course because they involve a lot of learning and practice, and he can see how his students are being completely transformed.

Haytham Aboulhassan

IDC Staff Instructor

(Languages: English/Arabic)

Passionate about ocean and teaching diving.