Deep dive into your dream!!
It’s worth it!

If your heart beat is rising when you hear words “diving in the ocean”, then Scuba diving is something you must try!
Our oceans cover 70% of planets surface, and our body consists of 70% of water. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

All life long we depend on water, however not everyone can see what’s going on under it. Space tourism just recently became a reality, but only limited amount of people can afford it. Diving in the ocean can do anyone, just let your dream come true!
Sounds like a plan, huh?

So put your regulator in, inhale, and deflate your BCD- we’re descending now!

It’s always fun
to explore new
world together,
I promise!

My name is Tatiana Cornilova and I will be your personal diving instructor and guide. My main focus is your safety and comfort. My attention is always on you, so your attention is on surrounding ocean and its beauty. You have to see it at least once in your life, this experience can’t be compared with anything else.

Together we will go through all the steps of your course, starting from classes in the pool to your first breath in the open ocean. I know how important is the first time, that’s why I’m not only your instructor, I’m your friend. We will be always in touch, I’ll help you to arrange and set up everything for your diving experience, will get your something tasty to munch and will make sure you’re having fun.

Are you ready now? Get equipped with your courage- we’re going to explore our world deep down!

Diving in the UAE:
let us guide you!

We’re diving all over the UAE from Dubai to Fujairah. We love our ocean here. Everyone will find something interesting for himself/ herself. In Dubai there’s more sandy flat bottom, but still you can find some interesting wrecks to explore.

Within two hours drive from Dubai you may get in Fujairah. Here your will be amused by coral reefs, turtles, colorful fish and funny shrimps. I know, sounds like a cartoon “Finding Nemo”, but it’s just one day of your life.

Now let’s do a back flip from our boat and dive into warm welcoming waters of the UAE

Widen your horizon of opportunities! It’s easy!

I want to make your diving experience the most unforgettable and pleasant. That’s why all the suggestions, questions and concerns we’re discussing in advance and planning your course in the most comfortable for you way.

You may do just a try dive called Discover Scuba Diving. Or plan your course program to get certified by PADI. Just contact me.

Already know how to dive and looking for a local guide or dive buddy? Here I am!
You don’t need to worry about equipment, dive sites, boats, even transport. Just take your smile with you and open your heart for adventures.

Inhale love, exhale bubbles ☺

Here you may contact me for your diving experience.

Just click here to contact me in Watsapp.
Or fill up the form and I will contact you by myself.